Water Wonderful World!

A Grandfather Frog™ Adventure

Grandfather Frog lives in the smiling pool, the heart of Animazia where he and his animal friends fish, swim, drink, and play. But he's also on a secret mission. Grandfather Frog works with the New Atlanteans, an order of heroes based in Atlantis, whose mission is to protect the oceans and waters of the planet. Captain Nemo, who will never come on land again, has wise Grandfather Frog as his expert on water pollution and wastewater. Whether it's your city water, your local river or lake, or the whole ocean, join Grandfather Frog to conserve it and make sure our Water Wonderful World stays that way!

Series Episodes

Look Before You Leap!

Grandfather Frog Meets Red, the Redside Dace

In partnership with: Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Swim Drink Fish, Toronto Zoo, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation

Big City, Big Picture

Healthy Water Leads to Healthy Cities

In partnership with: Ryerson Urban Water

Why Conserve Water?

Grandfather Frog On Innisfil's Water Systems

In partnership with: Town of Innisfil

Make A Splash!

Grandfather Frog joins a group of RCS students at Toronto's Humber River

In partnership with: The City of Toronto's Live Green program and RBC Blue Water Project

Grandfather Frog's Water Conservation Tips

In partnership with: Town of Innisfil

Grandfather Frog in "Algae Seeing You"