Big City, Big Picture

Healthy Water Leads to Healthy Cities

Make A Splash!

Grandfather Frog joins a group of RCS students at Toronto's Humber River

Why Conserve Water?

Grandfather Frog On Innisfil's Water Systems

In partnership with: Town of Innisfil

Grandfather Frog hops into the town of Innisfil, Ontario, and finds his pal Jerry Muskrat. Jerry's being very wasteful with water, thinking that he's right next to Lake Simcoe, the 4th largest lake in Ontario. Grandfather Frog shows Jerry how water is not an unlimited resource, and we can strain the system by using more than we need. Even people who draw their water from wells can strain the system. Jerry learns how the town of Innisfil carefully manages and treats water from Lake Simcoe, and that we must all remember to "Protect The Source" - even muskrats!

Special note: this episode is part 1 of a 2-episode series we created with the town of Innisfil, Ontario. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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