Look Before You Leap!

Grandfather Frog Meets Red, the Redside Dace

Why Conserve Water?

Grandfather Frog On Innisfil's Water Systems

Big City, Big Picture

Healthy Water Leads to Healthy Cities

In partnership with: Ryerson Urban Water

Kidoons partnered with Ryerson Urban Water to create this video about how they are using big picture thinking to address water challenges in big cities like Toronto. Through a combination of interviews and infographics, we show how challenges such as climate change, urban water runoff, and industrial and agricultural pollution are being addressed through collaboration. Teams of scientists are working with engineers, urban planners, and policy experts to implement solutions such as cap and trade carbon pricing, better water management practices, green infrastructure, and low impact urban development. They are also building wetlands, bioswales, and green roofs across the city. This wholistic model, now being tested in Toronto, can be applied to any major urban centre in the world. Ryerson Urban Water is showing how Research, Education and Policy can make the the unsustainable urban environment into a resilient and healthy urban environment.